Friday, October 14, 2011

A Declaration Of Interdependence | The Jewish Week

Tiffany Shlain makes the point in her film, implicitly and at times explicitly, that “survival depends on our connecting to each other deeply,” a reference to mankind as a whole as well as to individuals.

In exploring what we lose and what we gain as technology rewires our brains and speeds up the pace of our existence, she came to appreciate and embrace the concept of Shabbat, especially of “unplugging” for a day each week.

She said she recently gave a talk on the power of technology and surprised her audience by extolling the virtues of turning off from the world.

“People think it’s harder than it really is, but there’s a time to unplug,” she said, adding: “Shabbat is beautiful because we are able to be fully present. We need to do things that bring us back” to our real selves.

A Declaration Of Interdependence | The Jewish Week:

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