Friday, January 20, 2012 gets people together for Sabbath meals, a Facebook-styled site where collecting ‘invites’ is key - NY Daily News: is an online global community with 25,000 members swapping requests to join each other’s Sabbath meals — a Jewish tradition honoring a break from the work week over wine, challah bread and at a four-course meal.

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Friday, January 6, 2012

An Interview with Shabbat - Fiction

An Interview with Shabbat - Fiction:
Leonard: My next guest is known throughout the world as the Holy Sabbath. He’s written a new book called Shabbat: Make My Day, and I’m very pleased that it brings Shabbat back to our show. Hello.
Shabbat: It’s great to be here, Leonard.
Leonard: Your first book was a memoir, My Days of Rest. This book is also about Shabbat. How is it different?
Shabbat: My new book tells you what you can do to maximize your enjoyment of Shabbat, the meaning behind some of the more popular Shabbat customs, and I give my recipe for gefilte fish.