Friday, December 14, 2012

Why the Focused Rest of Shabbat is Important

Why the Focused Rest of Shabbat is Important :

Rest and action are two poles of existence. Whatever one is doing, one is either resting or exerting oneself. Exertion complements rest and rest complements exertion as day complements night and night complements day. The reader knows from universal experience, that exercise leads to a deeper sleep and that without resting, one cannot have the energy to act. Therefore, the question of primary importance, as with all pairs of opposites, is the question of balance.
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Friday, December 7, 2012

Hanukkah matters -- whether you’re Jewish or not!

Hanukkah matters -- whether you’re Jewish or not | Fox News: "By Rabbi Brad HirschfieldPublished December 08, 2012"

Hannukah celebrates the fact that there is more possibility and potential – in us, in and in our world --than we almost ever allow ourselves to imagine. If we really knew and trusted that single principle, we could overcome many of the challenges we face, and even make some wonderful things happen, for ourselves and for others as well.  It’s a 2,000 year old premise – one which lies at the heart of the successes which Hanukkah celebrates, and one which can guide us to new successes again and again.

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